World Cup Story Writing


This activity uses football as a basis for story writing – whether you love it or hate it! Football is a game that creates lots of drama both on and off the pitch, providing plenty of inspiration for many different kinds of story. Here are lots of ideas to help you have a go at writing your own football story.

How it works

Your football story could be about watching or playing football in any country and any time in history – or in the future!

Think about how football was played in the past. You could base your story on a famous game like when England won the World Cup.

Think about how football might look in the future with changes in technology. Will the ball end up travelling at crazy speeds? Will players have rocket-boots? Will robots be involved? Will we have underwater pitches or pitches in space?

Some more football story prompts: 

  • It’s just before a big World Cup match. Your main character is in the team and gets kidnapped when he goes to the loo before the team warm-up by rival fans. He’s driven in the back of a van and then dumped somewhere. Can he work out where he is and how to get back to the stadium before the match starts?
  • It’s half-time at the women’s World Cup final. Your main character is a young footballer and has yet to make her debut. By a series of unfortunate injuries and illness she is now the only available player left to sub on for the latest injury. Her team are 1-0 down. Can she help turn the game around and have a dream debut or will something else happen?
  • An evil mastermind creates a football that hypnotises all who touch it. One by one the players and officials are affected. When they are hypnotised, the mastermind starts to use them to carry out his/her evil plan. What is his/her plan? What does he do and can anyone stop him/her?

Not a fan of football?

Write a story about how awful football is!

  • Maybe your character is stuck in a family of football-enthusiasts.
  • Create a world where football has been banned.