Russian Buildings and Architecture


There are lots of interesting buildings in Russia such as the famous St Basil’s cathedral in Moscow. This activity uses these wonderful buildings to help you do some great writing through art, fact-finding, story writing and poetry.

How it works

Search for images online or find a book at your local library. Use these to do one or more of the following activities.


Write some descriptions of one or more of the buildings you’ve looked at. Describe how it looks: its size, shape and colours. How it makes you feel to look at it or how you imagine to feel inside it. What does it remind you of? The shape, colour and size might remind you of something like colourful ice-creams, hats or hairstyles.

Write a story or poem 

Can you use one of these buildings in a story or poem?


  • One of your characters could live in one of these buildings or it could form a significant part of their story like the chocolate factory in Charlie and the Chocolate factory?
  • You or your character wonders what happens in one of the interesting buildings and one day you/they get to find out.
  • One day it disappears and your character goes on an adventure to find out where it’s gone or who took it. What kind of magic was behind it?
  • The building built for a special purpose – For someone the builder loved? To satisfy the whim of a powerful person? A fun place for the town’s children? A secret headquarters? Or something more sinister?


  • Make your own model/replica of one of the building / buildings out of card and tissue paper or clay or whatever you have to hand.
  • Make a collage
  • Draw or paint part of a building / whole building or a group of them in a city. You could focus on one small part such as a piece of the roof or other patterned part and make that the whole picture.
  • Design your own building in the same style with your own choice of colour and pattern.

Fact finding

Find out:

  • Who built your chosen building?
  • When was it built?
  • Why was it built – for a specific purpose, to celebrate or remember something, for a person
  • Where is the building and what is it used for now?

Ask further specific questions about your chosen building. For example: St Basil’s cathedral – who was St Basil? How many domes are there? What legends surround the building?

Present your facts on a poster with a picture of the building or in a fact booklet.