New Feature: free PDFs for annual subscribers

by 5 Oct, 2022

10/02/23 update: Russia, Cornwall (including bonus packs), Fairies, Atlantis, and Greece topic pack pdfs now live.

26/11/22 update: China (including bonus packs), World Cup, and Christmas topic pack pdfs now live. 

31/10/22 update: Space, Greek Mythology, Caribbean, Minibeasts, Pirates, and Fireworks topic packs pdfs now live. 

We love getting feedback here at Wild Literacy and we’re always working to improve the experience. Quite a few subscribers have asked for PDFs of the activities. We’re very pleased to say these are now available FREE for members with an annual subscription.

Designing these PDFs has gone hand-in-hand with a massive redesign of nearly 200 activities on the site. We’ve made them easier to plan, by making it really clear what you need and how to structure a session. We’ve also added stacks of creative examples to spark your imagination.

The PDFs use the same structure, but are designed separately to make them formatted for print. Check out this FREE SAMPLE to see an example.

As of today, PDFs are live for annual subscribers on all Creative Writing Activities. We’ll be adding the Topic-Based Learning Pack and Wild Literacy Course PDFs over the next few weeks.

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