Minibeast bakes


In this session children can choose from a selection of ideas for baking. Focusing on a hands-on fun activity makes the writing part easier to engage in and less threatening. Children can feel successful in their literacy session and every child can achieve something through it and enjoy it. The writing ideas offer different options to develop different writing skills.



Minibeasts offer lots of great inspiration for baking ideas. Children choose a baking activity, plan their ideas and do a writing challenge either alongside the baking or as a follow-up activity. Children can use their minibeast research to help them design their bake. Do this as a standalone activity or make it part of a minibeast party.


What you need

  • Access to the ideas below
  • (Optional) access to online ideas
  • Relevant baking ingredients and equipment
  • Pen and paper (or alternative way to record ideas) for planning, drawing and writing


What to do

  • Step 1: Research and plan bakes
  • Step 2: Choose one or more writing ideas to do


Step 1: Research and plan bakes

Look through the options and ideas below and search online to help children plan what they want to make.

Option 1: Cakes that look like minibeast food

Make some cakes or biscuits that look like what minibeasts eat (for example: soil, nectar, rotten fruit etc).


  • Crumble chocolate or dark ginger cake for soil
  • Make cakes in the shape of fruit. You could also use food colouring to create mouldy bits!
  • Make biscuits in the shape of leaves and decorate them with leaf colours and patterns using icing or melted chocolate.

Look online for lots of other ideas, or use your imagination and minibeast research to come up with your own.


Option 2: Make a cake or biscuits that look like minibeasts

For this option children can make a cake in the shape of a minibeast or decorate cakes/biscuits with inspiration from minibeasts. Children can look through the ideas below and online to help plan their bake.


  • Make a cake in the shape of a snail
  • Make a cake like a log and put different mini beasts on it made from fondant or mini cakes
  • Decorate cakes or biscuits with patterns inspired by minibeasts like a ladybird, butterfly, or bee. You can use the Minibeast patterns and colours activity for inspiration and help with your designs.
  • Make jelly worms by pouring jelly into straws and then squeezing it out when it has set.


Step 2: Writing ideas

  • Children plan and write up recipes for their designs and bakes. They can do this in the style of a traditional recipe with ingredients and instructions, helping to develop instructional writing. Alternatively, they can write it in the style of more modern food blogs where they write about the bake, what’s good about it and the story of how they came to invent/make it in the first place. This is good for developing informal writing style and narrative writing in the part where they tell a short story about the bake. They will also use instructional writing to include the recipe at the end. They could also take photos as they go along to help tell the story.
  • Children can record themselves baking in the style of a baking show. Children can write notes for a script. Encourage them to think about their audience and how they will talk about the bake.
  • Children can imagine turning their bake into a product that is sold in shops. They can come up with a name, design a logo and write an advert. This will help develop persuasive language as well as coming up with great descriptive words to sell their product. They could also/alternatively record an advert for television and write a script for it.
  • Children can make this activity part of planning and writing about a minibeast party. The Minibeast party activity has lots of ideas for engaging children in researching and writing about minibeasts.