Matchday Programme


In this activity you will make your own fan’s matchday programme for one of the fixtures of a World Cup or another football competition or league. Have a look online to see what matchday programmes look like if you haven’t seen one before.

How it works

Choose a World Cup games or an upcoming league match and find out some information about it that you could put in your programme.

  • Look at which stadium and town it is in

  • Who is likely to be on the team sheet?

  • Include a short bio or facts about some of the players and their country or club
  • Make a prediction about the score and who are the players to watch (if it is a World Cup game that’s already happened, imagine what you would have predicted or look at what the pundits thought would happen)
  • Are there any stats you can include about previous meetings between the two teams or how they’ve done in previous World Cups or league games?
  • Make up a fan story to include about coming to watch their team and what it means to them. Did they travel half way across the world to cheer on their team? Did they sell their car or give up a job just to be there?

Think about what you will put on your front cover. You will want to make the cover look interesting and have some big bold letters on it to grab people’s attention.

Write or type up your programme and include pictures or photos you have drawn or printed off.

Don’t worry if you’re struggling to think of lots of things. You can make it one sheet rather than a whole booklet if you prefer.