Intro to Greek mythology

Greek mythology is a great topic. It is full of heroic deeds, adventures, magical creatures and unpredictable powerful gods and goddesses. There is a wide range of literacy activities to try in this section.

In ancient Greece gods and goddesses were like super-humans with everlasting life and special powers. They had flaws and arguments and expressed emotions. They also often interfered in human affairs.

Books you might like to read alongside this topic pack

There are lots of Greek Mythology books out there. There is often a good selection available in local libraries. They can also be found on online booksellers and education websites. You will also be able to read plenty of myths online.

There are also novels with a Greek myth theme or characters:

Who Let the Gods Out?

Simply the Quest

Beyond the Odyssey

By Maz Evans

Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

Percy Jackson and the Greek gods series

The Heroes of Olympus series

By Rick Riordan

(Recommended age 10+ You can check common sense media for more parent reviews and appropriate age suggestions for these books)

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

By Jules Verne

The Olympians by George O’Connor

(This is a series of graphic novels for reading level age 9+)



Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legends (episodes available on YouTube)



Disney’s Hercules

Two myths that are used as examples a lot in this section are Perseus and Medusa and Theseus and the Minotaur (click on their names to see their story). You can come back to these pages through the activity menu when you want to refer back to these stories.