Intro to Greece

Greece has a long and interesting history. Many famous warriors, thinkers, inventors and writers came from Ancient Greece. In this section there are activities based around Greece, both ancient and modern.

Have a look at a world map and see if you can find Greece. Now have a look online or in a book for a map of the empire of Ancient Greece. Which countries were part of the Greek empire?

Find out some information about Greece:

  • What does the flag look like?

  • What language / languages are spoken there?

  • What is the population (how many people live there)?

  • What is the most popular religion?


Have a look at the Greek alphabet

It looks different to the English alphabet. But did you know the word alphabet is actually made up from the Greek letter ‘A’ = ‘Alpha’ and the Greek letter ‘B’ = ‘Beta’.

This page has a good, clear layout of the Greek alphabet:

  • Have a go at writing out the Greek alphabet

  • Try writing your name

  • Can you spell your name out loud with the names of the Greek letters?

  • See if you can find out some words or phrases in Greek