How to use Wild Literacy

Wild Literacy activities are designed to help you provide fun and active learning experiences away from the screen and without the pressure of needing to find a prescribed answer.

There are a wide range of activities. Many involve practical tasks like art, games, baking, etc. This means that some preparation work is required, but each one lists what you need and what to do, step by step.

Some activities begin with research. This will usually involve a computer, or mobile device (though it doesn’t have to). We provide a number of links to help you get started.

Wild Literacy builds literacy skills and confidence through activities which children wouldn’t think of as ‘literacy’. This approach is particularly helpful for ‘reluctant writers’ – see this blog post for more. It is much less intimidating to do writing activities as part of a different activity they enjoy and not be purely focused on writing for the sake of it. There is a purpose to it – one they can enjoy and have confidence in.

If your child likes playing games or has confidence in art, choose some activities which involve these – the writing is just part of it and therefore less intimidating or boring.


1. Use the Activity Filter

The Activity Filter allows you to filter by type, topic or skill. It’s a really easy way to quickly find something to suit your needs.

Want a Game to do with Christmas that can help with Diary Writing? No problem, the Activity Filter will serve you up the Lord of Misrule activity.

Want an Art activity related to Football that can help develop Storytelling? Look no further! The World Cup Flags activity is right here.

The Activity Filter is a good place to start. Enjoy exploring the huge range of activities that Wild Literacy has to offer.


2. Choose Creative Writing or Topic-Based

Most of the activities on Wild Literacy are part of a Topic Pack. Each pack includes a range of activity types and literacy skills all related to a particular topic. You can browse the Topics here.

However, there are also some fantastic activities dedicated to developing a particular area of Creative Writing. These provide some of the foundational ideas that the Topic Packs build on. Have a look at the Creative Writing section here

This section contains activities linked to different areas of creative writing. These include:

  • poetry
  • figurative language
  • generating story ideas
  • creating characters
  • story settings
  • creative writing games

and more!

If you want to focus on a particular aspect or skill, or if you want to have a try at something new, this is the section to find it.

Choose from a range of topic packs, each with a variety of activities, including:

  • everything from creative writing, plus…
  • non-fiction
  • writing articles
  • advertising
  • fact-finding
  • recipes
  • reviews
  • critical thinking

Often an activity page will contain more than one idea as well as some follow-up activities to take the learning further if you choose.


3. Try a Wild Literacy course

The course section guides you through a journey of building up skills in a fun and engaging way. A course is much more structured than the topic packs, because learning activities are done in a particular order.

Each course is divided into modules. Easch module contains between 5 – 6 sessions. Course sessions generally involve less practical activities, but still usually require some preparation to play simple games or activities that help build confidence and understanding.

These courses are designed take your children’s skills to higher levels by guiding them step-by-step to creating some writing they will be really proud of. Enthusiastic and accomplished writers will find themselves stretched. However, reluctant writers can also make meaningful progress with small achievements each session. 


Any questions?

Please send us a message and we’ll be happy to help. Alternatively, take a look at our FAQs page

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