Firework dragon


Fireworks are first recorded as being used in England for Henry VII’s wedding. Elizabeth I famously loved fireworks. She even had a ‘Master of fireworks’.

The most popular firework of the time was a dragon. This would have been a huge dragon with fire shooting from its mouth and sometimes its eyes and nose as well. It was a dangerous firework and they didn’t have the same safety guidelines as we do today. Firework displays often led to accidents including when a display put on for Queen Elizabeth I ended up destroying several houses in a nearby village! You can read more about it here:


How it works

Choose one of the ideas for making a dragon firework model or picture from the ideas below. Then imagine seeing it in real life and add some interesting description to your creation.


  • Make a model out of papier mache. Use chicken wire to make a frame and cover it with newspaper soaked in paste made of glue and water. Use orange, yellow and red tissue paper for fire.


  • Make a dragon from clay. You might need some sticks to support the wings. Paint your dragon once it has dried.


  • Make a model of the dragon using kitchen roll tubes or other junk. Paint them and add wool or tissue paper – or whatever you can find – to make the fire.


  • Draw a picture of how you imagine a dragon like this would have looked


  • Make a collage of the dragon by sticking different coloured paper, fabric or leaves to a page. Try overlapping the leaves or pieces of paper to make scales.


Try and imagine a huge version with real fire exploding out of its mouth! What must it have been like to be in the crowd watching a huge dragon firework?


Add some description words to your picture or model.


Here are some examples of words you could include: