Wild Literacy FAQs

What is Wild Literacy?

Wild Literacy is a resource that helps children develop their skills and confidence in using words creatively, as well as other literacy skills such as finding and presenting information, writing reports and instructions, and more. Wild Literacy does this in a fun and free way through interesting activities, games, and topic based learning.

The Wild Literacy website contains a wealth of activities that you and your children can explore and choose from.

Why Wild Literacy?

Wild Literacy aims to help children find their voice and express their creativity. Free from prescribed targets, measurements and tick boxes, Wild Literacy sets children free to let loose their imagination and create new and wonderful things with words.

Words have the power to change minds, to help us empathise with people who are different to us, to confront prejudice and social injustice. They enable us to voice our experiences and opinions. Children should be free to express themselves in this way and to develop skills and confidence to use their words creatively.

What age is Wild Literacy for?

Wild Literacy is a flexible resource, but generally aimed at ages 7-14.

Does it follow the National Curriculum?

The idea of Wild Literacy is to be released from the constraints of the National Curriculum and to allow children freedom to express their creativity. There is some crossover however and through Wild Literacy activities children will cover many areas of the Literacy curriculum. Please see the Links to the National Curriculum page for more details.

Are there levels or progress reports?


Wild Literacy is about kids accessing what they want to try when they are ready to try it. It does not prescribe any targets or levels. It does not measure or track progress. To do this would mean making the literacy activities into things that could be marked right or wrong or forced into measurable units. That is the opposite of what Wild Literacy is about. These things can be useful for other subject areas, but creativity isn’t something that is right or wrong or measurable. The Wild Literacy activities are about inspiring, equipping and building confidence and ability with words and creativity.

Who is it written by?

Wild Literacy is written by Rachel Valler. Rachel has a Masters in Education and years of experience supporting children in primary schools. She is an avid reader and writer and loves all things to do with children, learning, and literacy.

Why subscribe?

Subscribing to Wild Literacy gives you and your child(ren) full access to all the activities and resources on Wild Literacy. You will also have chance to request topics you’d like to see in the Topic-Based Literacy Skills section. Each month new content is added to the site meaning Wild Literacy is always growing – so why not come and join the most exciting and creative space for children’s literacy?

Are there limits on how many children use it with one log in?

No. The Wild Literacy website is a huge bank of activities that give you instructions and ideas for learning. Therefore, you can use the ideas with as many children as you have. Please do however respect this resource and use it as intended – as a resource to support your own children with their creative writing and literacy journey.

How much does it cost?

Subscriptions are on a monthly or annual basis. Everyone who subscribes gets access to everything on the site for as long as they are a member. For annual members there is the option to download and print PDFs of activities in the Creative Writing and Topic-Based Literacy Skills sections.

Monthly: £5.99

Annual: £45