Dice roll story


For this funny story activity you only need a die and someone to enjoy it with. Roll your die for each stage of the story and see what happens! This is a really fun activity and can be enjoyed time and time again.


How it works

Using the list at the bottom of this page, take it in turns to make a story together or make a story each. Roll the die for each step of the story and see what the numbers you roll leads to.


An example

If you roll a 3 first your character is Rodger Red-beard. If then you roll: 2, 4, 1, 3, 2, 4, 3, 6, 3, 1, 5 your story would be:


Rodger Red-beard lived in a castle right next to the great forest. His favourite thing to do was skateboard with a friendly sloth. One day, a mysterious stranger knocked on the door with an interesting idea. Rodger Red-beard ended up going to a town run by mischievous monkeys, but then he turned into a parrot. After that he found himself trapped in a giant bowl of jelly, so he got out his jet-boots and whizzed off. In the end Rodger Red-beard formed a rock band with the local gang of singing bears.


If you can, write out your story as you go. The capital letters and other punctuation will help you know where to start a new sentence. You can also follow the example above to help you know where to put commas and full stops. Alternatively, just tell your story aloud as you go.


You can enjoy this activity as a funny game or you can use your dice rolls as the basic outline for a longer story. Add more detail to make it flow well and make the plot more interesting.


After trying the game using the options given below, you can change the options to invent your own characters and adventure. If you can’t think of six different options, just think of two for each stage – one for an odd number and the other for an even number.


You can also add or take away steps to make your story shorter or longer.


Most importantly, have fun!


Dice roll story game

Start the story with the name of the character:


1 Mr Nimble

2 Harriet Hardbuckle

3 Rodger Red-beard

4 Mrs Windypops

5 Big Bob

6 Dizzy Dot


lived in:


1 a campervan

2 a castle

3 a tepee

4 a boat

5 a tree house

6 an underground bunker


right next to:


1 a mountain.

2 the motorway.

3 a stinky swamp.

4 the great forest.

5 a theme park.

6 the sea.


His/Her favourite thing to do was:


1 skateboard

2 crosswords

3 shout at people

4 talk to squirrels

5 play bingo

6 climb trees




1 a talking pineapple.

2 a medieval knight.

3 a friendly sloth.

4 a pogo stick.

5 a telescope.

6 a magic wand.


One day:


1 aliens landed in the garden and put him/her on their spaceship.

2 a mysterious stranger knocked on the door with an interesting idea.

3 a letter arrived from a secret spy agency.

4 a stairway to the clouds appeared and he/she climbed up.

5 he/she met a magical flying llama that took him/her for a ride.

6 he/she fell through a portal in the ground that took him/her to a distant land.


(Character name) ended up going to a:


1 big party with a group of goblins,

2 dark dungeon in a castle,

3 magic crystal cave,

4 town run by mischievous monkeys,

5 planet made of bananas,

6 house full of spider webs,


but then:


1 a giant eagle picked him/her up and carried him/her to its nest.

2 a huge storm started.

3 an angry dragon arrived.

4 the ground beneath his/her feet disappeared.

5 a secret door appeared in the air.

6 he/she turned into a parrot.


After that:


1 everything went dark and silent,

2 his/her legs got trapped by enchanted ivy,

3 he/she found him/herself trapped inside a giant bowl of jelly,

4 millions of tiny pixies appeared,

5 everything around him/her came to life and started trying to eat him/her,

6 he/she started to shrink until he/she was the size of an acorn,


so he/she:


1 got out her/his jet-boots and whizzed off.

2 sprouted wings and was able to fly.

3 used her/his magic mirror to teleport away.

4 transformed into a mole and dug a tunnel home.

5 blew his/her special whistle to get help from the friendly troll.

6 rolled the dice of destiny and waited to see what happened.


In the end, (character name):


1 joined the circus and became a famous clown.

2 became an inventor and made cool contraptions.

3 got a job as an entertainer for the king of the hairy hippos.

4 wrote a musical about their adventures and performed it across the country.

5 formed a rock band with the local gang of singing bears.

6 built a rocket and went on a space adventure with his/her pet mouse.