Desert Islands


Desert islands often feature in stories of pirates. They look idyllic, but life on a desert island is not easy! This activity involves a selection of art projects and creative writing ideas based on desert islands as well as thinking about survival skills.

How it works

Find some pictures or videos of desert islands

  • Think of words and phrases to describe them
  • Draw or paint a desert island
  • Make a desert island collage
  • Make a mini desert island using sand and shells. Make features like mini palm trees to put on it.

Creative Writing

Use your creation as inspiration for a story setting. Put yourself in the story or imagine a character who ends up on your island.

You could do this by:

  • Writing a short story
  • Writing a diary
  • Writing a poem
  • Making a comic
  • Making a film or an animation

Fact-finding and more creative activities

Look at information about survival on a desert island online or in books.

Useful link:

Research survival tips and stories of people who have (real or imagined):

  • Write your own how to survive a desert island guide
  • Try making some survival tools or fires or shelters
  • Imagine what it would be like to do this on a real desert island
  • Write it as a character viewpoint in a story

Desert island game/role play:

Set up your own desert island (you’ll have to use some creativity and imagination!) and pretend to be stranded there. You could do this in your house or garden or somewhere like a beach or park.

Write about your experience afterwards:

  • What feelings did you experience? For example: excitement, worry.
  • What sort of things did you have to think about? For example, where to get food and shelter.
  • What did you miss about your home?