Comic Books


With a comic you can tell a story through pictures. All you need to do is add some little captions to help the reader know what’s happening and some speech bubbles to make the characters talk.


How it works

Look at some comic stories like in the Beano or a Marvel comic. Use some of those characters to tell your own version of a story.

1 .Now try making up a comic with all your own ideas. You can draw the pictures or you can take photos. These can be of places or people (with their permission) or objects.

2. Try making the scenes you want to take a picture of with Lego. Take a photo then add a caption to it. You can do this by printing it out or on a computer.

3. Go out on a walk or day trip and take photos as you go. Make the pictures into a comic strip telling the story of your trip. You can always add some made-up extras – did a giant bird swoop out of the tree and carry off your brother?

4. Look at photos you have of family and friends. Choose some you think you could use as part of a story. Put them in an order and add captions to them to tell a story. You could add in images from the internet if you need extras to make your story work.

  • Is your dad secretly an alien come to do tests on planet earth?
  • Is your dog a secret agent?
  • Did that statue you’re stood next to in a photograph come to life and take you on an adventure?


Add little captions or speech bubbles to your pictures or photos to help tell the story. These can just be a word or two. You can also add sound effect words such as ‘bang’ and ‘crash’.

Another thing to try is to write a short sentence or two that describe each photo. Do this for each picture then put all the sentences together as a very short story. See if it makes sense when you read it without the pictures.