Christmas story quiz


You’ve probably seen or done quizzes that use things like the month you were born in, your initials, your favourite colour or animal, to create your DJ name, movie star name or your football club’s latest transfer rumour.

This activity uses that idea to generate a Christmas story idea. Use the quiz to get the basic ideas for a story. Feel free to adapt any of the questions however you like. You can also try making up your own quiz to use on friends and family.

How it works

Complete the quiz questions and see what you get. Make notes as you go along. The quiz will give you a main character with a crime-fighting gadget, a villain with a weapon, a main setting and a problem the villain has caused. Your results can be used as an outline for a short story or a springboard for a longer one.


Quiz for main characters, setting and plot

The hero of this story is an elf. The first part of the quiz will tell you what their name is. They have a first name and a hyphenated surname. For example, if your birthday is in June and your initials are K.C. then your elf will be called Frosty Glitter-Face.

Elf’s name

Their first name is your month of birth:

Jan/Feb =Holly
Mar/Apr = Candy
May/Jun = Frosty
Jul/Aug = Snowy
Sept/Oct = Jolly
Nov/Dec = Sugar

Your first name initial is the first part of their surname:

A-C = Cheeky
D-G = Shiny
H-K = Glitter
L-O = Pudding
P-S = Bouncy
T-V = Twinkle
W-Z = Sparkle

Your surname initial is second half of their surname:

A-C = Face
D-G = Knees
H-K = Brain
L-O = Toes
P-S = Eyes
T-V = Nose
W-Z = Ears

The elf’s crime-fighting gadget

Your favourite food:

Chocolate = Magic sherbet
Pizza = hypnotising jingle bells
Chips = pointy shoes that shoot out laughing powder
Strawberries = exploding candy
Ice cream = hat that turns its wearer invisible
Crisps =magic beans that make the elf temporarily giant-sized

The villain

The date of your birthday tells you what your villain is:

1st- 5th = Evil alien
6th-10th = Blood-thirsty giant polar bear
11th-15th = Santa’s evil twin sister
16th-20th = Snow monster
21st – 25th = Ice Witch
26th – 31st = Evil elf

Villain’s weapon

Your favourite colour:

Red = Lasers that shoot out lightning bolts
Blue = Icicle arrows
Green = Ice-blaster
Yellow = Flame-thrower
Orange = Darts that inject misery
Pink = Bad magic fairy-dust that turns people/animals evil
Purple = Army of angry penguins taken from the south pole


Main setting

The initial of your middle name:

A-D = Santa’s workshop in the North Pole
E-H = Dark pine forest where magical creatures live
I-L = Top of a snowy mountain with huge caves and frozen lakes
M-P = Flying on Santa’s sleigh
Q-U = Enchanted gingerbread house
V-Z = Ice caves filled with treasures and dangers
No middle name = Magical Christmas grotto


The problem the baddy has caused

Your favourite animal:

Dog = Kidnapped santa
Rabbit = Blown up Santa’s workshop
Monkey = Trapped Santa on an iceberg guarded by vicious walruses
Panda = Put a curse on the other elves making them fall into a deep sleep
Sloth = Stolen all the reindeer
Elephant = Blocked up all the chimneys and other ways into people’s houses so Santa can’t get in
Dolphin = Tampered with Santa’s sleigh to make it shoot upwards then crash downwards repeatedly whenever Santa tries to fly it.


Make up a short story based on your results. You can tell it to someone, write it down, act it out or draw it as a comic strip. Feel free to swap around any options you prefer to the ones you got. If you don’t want to do a full story, try drawing your characters and/or setting. Can you write or tell someone a short description of them?

Most importantly, have fun!