About Wild Literacy

Wild Literacy is about creating space and ideas for children to grow in confidence and ability with words and creativity. The site has been designed so that children can easily navigate it and find an activity they would like to do. All the activities are written in child-friendly language. Children can explore the site independently or with an adult.

There are three main sections:

A wide range of fun games and activities that will help you create interesting and powerful descriptions, make brilliant characters, wonderful settings and amazing plots. There's also lots of different styles of poetry to try.

From finding out interesting facts and thinking about important issues to writing poetry, articles, blogs and stories to creating your own episodes of Horrible Histories and Great British Bake Off. All through a lens of a wide range of fun topics. 

For a more structured approach, our specially designed courses take you on a wild journey of discovery. For example, our Adventures in Description course has four modules, each with 5 - 6 sessions, involving a range of activities. 

Visit the Free Samples page to have a look at a selection of activities and explore the Wild Literacy website’s structure. 

It’s a good idea to keep a special Creative Writing folder for your child to keep all their ideas in so they can have lots of great ideas on hand when they want to use them in a piece of creative writing.