Creative Writing and Literacy Skills for Kids

Home Educators

Bring creative literacy skills into your Home Education experience with this wide range of fun easy-to-use self-learning ideas and activities. Let your children’s imaginations run wild and see what they can create with words.


Boost your child’s confidence and ability in literacy skills with time and space for the creativity that is often squeezed out by the pressures of the classroom. They can use Wild Literacy’s huge range of fun ideas and activities independently or with you.


Get quick creative ideas that are fun, low-prep, and make a big impact on children’s learning and confidence. Wild Literacy activities give children space to find and use their voice and see that everyone has the ability to be creative with words.

The Wild Literacy Manifesto

Literacy has been caged. Too often it is reduced to things that can be measured and compared with rigid pre-set targets that restrain and strangle, becoming a tick-box exercise, a dry and dull task to show technical skill and knowledge. Literacy becomes about following a narrow, designated path rather than running unrestrained through wild terrain. Wild Literacy is about giving children space to build their confidence and ability in using words; to enable them to find their voice and use it. Literacy should be about setting children free and enabling them to engage with the world around them. Literacy should not be caged or domesticated; it should be untamed, unleashed and wild!

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Wild Literacy offers a wide range of easy-to-use activities. The site has been designed so that children can easily navigate it and find an activity they would like to do.

All the activities are written in child-friendly language. Children can explore the site independently or with an adult.

Choose a subscription to suit your needs and let your literacy go wild!